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For many, their garage is an invaluable part of their property which ensures their vehicle is kept safe and easily accessible – either their driveway is full or they do not have access to one. But we’re constantly contacted by residents of Haywards Heath, Lindfield and surrounding Sussex towns who find their garages are under-used, or simply serve as storage. Rather than take the drastic measure of moving home to secure more space – whether it be that coveted extra bedroom, or that home study you’ve always wanted – why not consider garage conversions instead?

Not only are they effective means of delivering that extra space you require, but they constitute significant investments in your home. This makes garage conversions that rare thing in life: a long-term investment that you can immediately reap the benefits of.

The same goes for lofts, which can go from unused storage space to one of the most cherished parts of a property in just a matter of weeks. Below, we’ve run over these two different types of project so that our clients around Haywards Heath, Lindfield and wider Sussex can consider whether they might prove a wise investment.

Garage Conversions

Garage conversions often do not require planning permission, especially if they do not involve significant structural alterations being made – e.g an extension of space. Should you need to lodge an application, we’ll work with you to ensure that it’s likely to get the green light, using our intimate knowledge of what planning bodies are looking for. Most projects we take on around the aforementioned areas of Haywards Heath, Lindfield and Sussex involve us reinforcing floors and walls, introducing the required electrical and plumbing infrastructure, then transforming the space into a comfortable, modern room that’s perfectly suited to its end application.

Our builders achieve this via expert carpentry, brickwork, painting and decoration. With our project management experience, we ensure this work is conducted to the same high standard across the board, and that phases proceed within the proposed time frame – we’ll avoid delays, while sticking to our pledge to never cut corners. Some of the end results of our garage conversions can be seen over on our gallery page. But if you have ideas of your own, or inspiration you’ve found online or in magazines, get in contact with us at your earliest convenience.

Our garage conversions can be designed and constructed with a range of budgets in mind. For example, a luxury project might implement under-floor heating, top-of-the-line hard wood floors, and light fixtures from some of the industry’s most sought after manufacturers. On the other hand, those with a tighter budget can find plenty of ways to save without sacrificing the quality of the conversion itself – e.g through the products and features that are implemented. So if you’re unsure about the affordability of garage conversions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide our clients around Haywards Heath, Lindfield and their surrounds with free consultations and advice to assist you on the way to a new and improved property.

Loft Conversions

The same approach that informs our garage conversions, also informs our loft conversions. These are bespoke projects which look to deliver you a fully fitted-out, comfortable modern addition to your home. Past clients have used their lofts as extra bedrooms with en suites, as home offices, games rooms, cinemas, and for all sorts of other niche purposes. It’s all about considering what you’ll get the most use out of…

Some lofts are spacious enough that they can be converted without the need for major alterations to the roof structure. As with our garage conversions, these can often go ahead without obtaining written planning permission – but it all depends on what you envision. Again, if you do require permission, we can guide you through and assist with the process.

Loft conversions can be carried out in numerous different styles:

Dormer – This type of conversion involves reshaping a roof so that it has a larger amount of internal height and space. They’re typically located on the side or rear of the roof. Suitable for most styles of house, they provide a good amount of access to light and ventilation, and are relatively inexpensive.

Mansard – These involve raising the party wall while retaining a flat roof; one wall slopes inward, creating a pseudo-dormer effect. They’re ideal for terraced properties and are known for their striking, but appealing aesthetic. Expect to have to get planning permission for a mansard.

Hip-to-Gable – As the name implies, these see our Haywards Health builders straighten an inwardly slanting end roof to create a wall. This might sound like a fairly subtle change – but it can prove entirely transformational, giving you the space you need for the end use in question. They’re great at blending in with the existing property, and can be combined with rear dormers to really maximise given space.

Roof Light - The simple installation of windows to bring in light and air, and all the subsequent reinforcement of floors, installation of infrastructure and decoration required of loft conversions. The cheapest, quickest option, roof light projects are ideal for Haywards Heath and Lindfield residents whose attics already have enough room for their intended purpose.

If you’re in Haywards Heath, Lindfield or another area of Sussex, contact Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd to discuss what our loft and garage conversions can do for you. Dial 01444 831 818.