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If you’re considering the benefit that house extensions, home renovations, garage conversions or similar property development services could afford your property, you’ll likely be looking to find the right construction company – one with a great track record and impressive portfolio. You’ve found one in Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd . Based right in Haywards Heath, we work closely with our clients to turn dream developments into tangible realities.

Below, we’ve looked to answer a number of questions addressing various services that we provide, as well as some general topics that any building company worth its salt should be transparent and willing to answer. Have a different query? Just pick up the phone and call us on 01444 831 818.

Some Question Answered for Our Haywards Heath Clients

What should I be looking for out of a building company?
You should be looking for qualified builders with a track record in the area you’re interested in: whether that be garage conversions, house extensions, home conversions, landscaping etc. Speaking with a construction company’s representatives about your ideas will quickly highlight how suited they are for a task. A confident builder ready and willing to develop your ideas will be helpful, providing advice and assistance at every turn.

How do you separate yourself from other builders operating in Haywards Heath?
Our quality of workmanship. Using high quality materials, and techniques honed over the course of two decades – over which time we’ve seen many competing building companies come and go – we ensure that no corners are cut, and the end result adds maximum use- and monetary- value to your Haywards Heath home.

What kind of situations might call for loft or garage conversions?
There’s a number of reasons why Haywards Heath residents feel the need to call in a building company to launch garage conversions. Perhaps most common is simply a lack of space. House extensions can solve this issue, but sometimes the budget might not in place for such a project – or perhaps the property has already been extended, or planning permission can’t be obtained. Garage conversions allow builders to transform under-used space – often employed merely as storage – into a fully fleshed out, bona fide part of your property. Bedrooms, home offices, games rooms, gyms – you name it, we’ve delivered it!

When do you know it’s time for home renovations?
Here it’s completely down to the individual client. Many Haywards Heath residents live in fairly old properties which have not undergone anything resembling house renovations for quite some time – yet they are perfectly happy. But if you’ve started to dwell on the possibility of getting in a builder to have work done, that intuition is usually there for a reason: perhaps the property is no longer as functional as it once was (with old infrastructure proving unreliable, or the layout no longer meeting your needs), or it simply looks rundown and uninspired.

Where do I start with planning house extensions?
A good starting point is contacting your local builder, Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd in Haywards Heath. We can launch a consultation to ascertain exactly what you’re looking to achieve with the project. This will lead to a site survey and risk assessment, and plans can begin to be drawn up, incorporating all of the features that you wish to include. We’ll be able to advise on factors that may need to be limited to fall within permitted development rights, or, if you need to apply for permission, assist with preparing your submission; our experience means we know exactly what planning authorities are looking for when it comes to home extensions.

Have a question for our Haywards Heath builders not answered on this page? Give Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd, your local construction company, a call on 01444 831 818.