Expand Your Space With Our Home Extensions in Haywards Heath & Lindfield | Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd

Whether you’re starving for space but want to avoid all the hassles and expenses that come with moving property, or you simply want to reimagine an existing room and have more options in doing so, home extensions can be the ideal solution. Calling in a veteran construction company such as Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd , which covers Haywards Heath, Lindfield, and all surrounding areas throughout Sussex, will ensure that house extensions are tailored to your functional requirements and aesthetic tastes, maximising the value they add to your property.

Home extensions can be single-storey or two-storey; this means you could, for example, add space to facilitate an open-plan kitchen and dining room project, while also adding an amenity like an en suite up stairs. It’s all about figuring out exactly what you and your family will best make use of on a day to day basis. Once the rough outline of a project has been decided upon, our builders get to work – ensuring that plans incorporate even the minutest of details that our Haywards Heath and Lindfield clients have set their minds on.

The work itself begins with any requisite demolition and groundworks, such as the construction of high quality foundations and footings, before brickwork, first and second fix joinery, plastering, installation of infrastructure (plumbing, electricity, lighting, etc.), integration of key features / fixtures, and painting and decoration to leave the room not only perfectly fit for use, but looking its very best. While many a building company will specialise in a particular area, Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd are versatile, using our 20+ years of experience in the industry to ensure all aspects of home extensions are handled to the highest quality standards; we only ever sub-contract electrics and plumbing, and only to trades we have a long-standing working relationship with.

Planning Permission & House Extensions

Many clients don’t realise this, but many home extensions are actually allowed for under Permitted Development rights and as such do not require planning permission. But these rights carefully stipulate what is allowed and what is not allowed, for example the choice of materials used, the dimensions of house extensions, and the areas in which they can be carried out (a locale within our area of coverage e.g parts of Haywards Heath or Lindfield may have planning restrictions in place).

We can talk your through how Permitted Development effects your proposals, and should you need to apply for official approval, assist you with tailoring designs and applications. Our builders want you to be able to get exactly what you envision, without compromise if at all possible. This is part of our commitment to quality customer service, which also manifests itself in the advice and assistance we will offer at all stages of a project. It’s our aim to go above and beyond what you might expect of a construction company, and set an example for others to follow.

Live in or around the Haywards Heath or Lindfield areas, and considering investing in house extensions? Pick up the phone and call Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd on 01444 831 818.