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Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd , located in Haywards Heath, is one of most popular development firms in nearby Lindfield. Examples of the work we’ve carried out in the area can be seen on our gallery page: from house extensions to home renovations, garage conversions to landscaping projects. Whatever it is we’re working on, our construction company achieves fantastic results due to our team’s experience and commitment to the highest standards of workmanship. In short, if you’re searching the internet to find a reputable building company to help you invest in your home, you’ve come to the right place.

To provide a convenient summary of exactly how we assist with property development and investment in the Lindfield area, we’ve here described how the various projects we handle can boost a home’s value, while touching on our methodology. If you’ve already decided on a project, and wish to sound out a construction company like our own for a consultation and quote on house renovations, home extensions, garage conversions or even minor property alterations that will be capably handled by our skilled builders – skip ahead and call us directly on 01444 831 818.

How We Can Help You Invest in Your Property

House Extensions – While they often require planning permission, something our builders are always happy to help Lindfield clients secure, home extensions can add a significant amount of space to a property – especially if carried out on multiple stories. It’s become fairly common to use an extension to create a larger, open plan kitchen and dining area, though house extensions that serve as extra bathrooms, or more niche amenities, are certainly not uncommon. They can add around 15% to a property’s value, though the amount is down to how well employed, designed and delivered the project is – so choosing a construction company with a great track record, like Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd , is key.

Home Renovations – Now, of all property improvements that our builders carry out for Lindfield clients, house renovations are the most difficult to provide a blanket idea for how much they’ll improve value. Incredibly thorough home renovations targeting old and dilapidated properties can prove totally transformational; more subtle home renovations can be a lot more subtle. It depends on what you’re looking to achieve, and the condition / aesthetic appeal of your current property. For this reason, we have to say that the estimated investment value is case-by-case – and if you want to be sure it will be substantial, it is worth sounding out a building company like our own before committing to the project.

Garage Conversions – One of the best things about garage conversions is they often don’t require planning permission. They’re a great option if the idea of calling in builders for full-fledged home extensions doesn’t appeal; after all, these latter projects can take a lot longer to finish. Lindfield residents can use their garage conversions for anything they see fit – from an extra bedroom, to a hobby room or study. Speak with our construction company about your ideas and we can get the ball rolling right away! Research from Property Price Advice shows that quality garage conversions constructed by the right building company can add up to 15% onto your home’s market value.

To discuss how the above projects, from garage conversions to home renovations, can improve your Lindfield property’s value, call our builders on 01444 831 818.