Perfectly Realised Home Renovations in Haywards Heath & Sussex | Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd

One thing our team specialise in is breathing new life into tired homes in the Haywards Heath, Lindfield and Sussex area. Perhaps a property is old and rundown, and you’ve purchased it as a “fixer upper”. Or perhaps the situation is less night/day, and you’re simply looking to update a property without making major alterations to its structure or layout. All house renovations are different, and this is why it’s essential the construction company you choose takes a distinctly bespoke approach.

And that’s what you get with Silverbirch Construction Services Ltd . We work closely with you to identify everything you want overhauled, from significant changes like transforming a kitchen and adjacent dining room into an open plan layout, to smaller details like the replacement of skirting boards or wallpaper. During the initial consultation phase, we’ll also identify features you wish to maintain, ensuring that cherished parts of your property can seamlessly integrate and co-exist with those that are being re-imagined. Ensuring the end result is a unified and cohesive whole is one of the most important aspects of the house renovations our builders take on around Haywards Heath, Lindfield and wider Sussex.

With a talented team of trades who’ve long represented the company, and uphold at all times its values and standard of workmanship, we can take on projects of all shapes and sizes. Our quality of work, which you can see for yourself over on our gallery page, doesn’t mean we’re expensive – our approach to pricing is fair and transparent, and it being competitive is of the upmost importance to us.

Fixing Up Newly Purchased Old Home

There are many properties sold in and around Haywards Heath and Lindfield which are complete bargains – partially because they’ve seen better days and require the attention and TLC of a construction company like our own. In these cases, house renovations involve seeing the potential in a property and making all the right moves to realise it.

This might mean changing the layout, replacing structurally unsound walls, doors, floors and staircases, installing infrastructure like new wiring or pllumbing, or simply a thorough re-decoration. Our aim will be to transform the property into a stunning, modern home fit for you and your family.

Updating Existing Homes

House renovations aren’t usually something spontaneously decided upon. Over a number of weeks, months or even years, you may have been noticing ways in which your property could be improved or updated. All residential properties look to balance form and function, and we can address issues around Haywards Heath, Lindfield and wider Sussex where this balance is askew.

It might be that the lighting or water supply is unreliable, that the layout is no longer suitable for you and your fellow occupants, or you just fancy a change in interior design – including paint, wallpaper, flooring and similar elements. Whatever the reason behind your decision, our team provides home renovations that make it feel as if you’ve moved – without the hassle and expense associated.

Home renovations can make a night and day difference to a property. So bring in our builders, who cover Haywards Heath, Lindfield and all surrounds. Call 01444 831 818.